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Four-piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Spoon

Four-piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Spoon


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SKU: CJJJCFCJ00805 Category:


100% brand new

Suitable for gift-giving occasions; opening ceremony, employee benefits, awards commemoration, anniversary celebration

Product information:

Product Category: Knife and Fork

Material: Stainless steel

Package information:

CJJJCFCJ00805-12 piece set=

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main knife+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main fork+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main spoon+


CJJJCFCJ00805-Dessert Knife+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Dessert fork+

CJJJCFCJ00805-tea fork+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Butter knife+

CJJJCFCJ00805-fruit fork+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Soup shell+

CJJJCFCJ00805-coffee spoon+

CJJJCFCJ00805-round spoon

CJJJCFCJ00805-5PCS Gold1=

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main knife+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main fork+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main spoon+


CJJJCFCJ00805-tea fork

CJJJCFCJ00805-5PCS Silver1=

CJJJCFCJ00805-The main knife silver+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main Fork Silver+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Main spoon silver+

CJJJCFCJ00805- teaspoon silver+

CJJJCFCJ00805-Tea fork silver

Packing list:

As you choose

Weight 0.96 kg
Dimensions 400 × 50 × 40 cm

12pieces set, 12pieces set X4, 12pieces set X6, 12x4pcs set, 16pcs set, 24pcs set, 24pcs set red, 24pcs set silver, 24pcs set silver with box, 24pcs set with box, 24x4pcs set black silver, 24x4pcs set white gold, 2pcs Main fork Gold, 2pcs Main knife Gold, 2pcs Main spoon Gold, 2pcs Tea spoon Gold, 4X4pcs set black silver, 4X4pcs set silver, 4X4pcs set white gold, 4pcs set, 4pcs set black silver, 4pcs set red, 4pcs set silver, 4pcs set white gold, 5PCS Gold, 5PCS Gold1, 5PCS Silver1, 5PCS Sliver, 6X4pcs set black silver, 6X4pcs set white gold, 8pcs set, 8pcs set black silver, 8pcs set red, 8pcs set silver, 8pcs set white gold, Butter Knife, Coffee spoon, Dessert fork, Dessert knife, Dessert spoon, Fruit fork, Main fork, Main fork Gold, Main fork Silver, Main fork Sliver, Main knife, Main knife Gold, Main knife Silver, Main knife Sliver, Main spoon, Main spoon Gold, Main spoon Silver, Main spoon Sliver, Round spoon, Soup shell, Tea fork, Tea fork Gold, Tea fork Silver, Tea fork Sliver, Tea spoon, Tea spoon Gold, Tea spoon Silver, Tea spoon Sliver


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